3 to a Page Manual Checks offer an affordable, easily maintained and highly mobile system for staying on top of your financial transactions. These checks are available in a variety of styles, formats, and colors to meet your needs. Our Three-to-a-Page Manual Checks are convenient and easy to use. It is one of the best ways for small businesses to keep records straight and there is no software to update. Full Sheets are 9”x13” and Individual Checks are 8.0625”x3”.

3-To-A-Page Manual Check Specifications

Full Sheet:9”x13”
Individual Check: 8.0625”x3”
Styles: AP1 (single description payment) and AP2 (multi-description payment)
Parts: One and Two Part
Note: 2-Part Manual Checks contain the original followed by a separate 20lb self-contained carbonless white, non-negotiable copy.

Customize Your 3 To A Page Manual Checks

Click on the 3-to-a-page manual check below that matches your business needs. Once you click on the 3-to-a-page manual check that suits you, you will have the opportunity to customize it.

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