About Us

How long has Thompson Check Solutions been in business?
Since 1964, we have been providing customers with the right tools to help support their business.

Customer Service

Where can I send feedback on products and service?
We are anxious to hear your feedback on our company.  You can give us a call at (800) 842-0191 or email our president, David, at dt@thompsonprintsolutions.com.

How do I contact Thompson Check Solutions?
Phone: (800) 842-0191
Email: sw@thompsonprintsolutions.com

What if I need technical support?
Technical support for this website is offered Monday – Friday from 8:00am-5:00pm CST.  You may reach our customer service technical support staff by emailing Justin at jmw@thompsonprintsolutions.com.

What do you do with my customer information?
Thompson Check Solutions is committed to protecting your private information.  We use the information collected about you to process orders and to provide a more personalized shopping experience.  Thompson Check Solutions may also use your information to communicate with you about products, services and future promotions.  For the purposes of check verification and fraud prevention, we exchange information about our customers internally and among our banking affiliates.

Thompson Check Solutions will never share customer information, including names and mailing addresses, with third parties.

What do I do if my order was incorrectly printed?
If your final product does not match the proof that you were shown at checkout, please contact us immediately so we can address the issue.  We guarantee the quality of our products.  

What if I need to change my order after it is placed?
Our fast turn-around time enables us to take your check order from entry process to press in 24-72 hours.  You should contact us immediately if you would like to change your order.  If your order has already proceeded to production by the time we receive your request to change the order, then we will not be able to incorporate your changes.


Where can I find available product colors and pricing?
You can visit our   pricing page  to view pricing associated with all of the products that we offer on our site.  Additionally, each product’s color options are listed on the pricing page.  You will be able to view samples of each color within that specific product’s customization area.

What are your accepted payment methods?
We accept VISA, MasterCard, American Express, Discover or payment via Paypal.

What do I need to place my check or deposit slip order?
If applicable, we need to know what software you are using, your starting check number and bank information.  Please have a check handy to assist you with the process.

Can I receive a proof?
Yes, upon the completion of your order you will receive a proof of your check.  Before finalizing your order, please take the time to ensure that your check is correct via the preview option in the shopping cart.

What if I accidentally place a duplicate order?
While we have tried to set up our site so that duplicate orders do not happen, we understand that nothing is perfect.  If you place a duplicate order, please contact us so we may delete the order and process only your original order.

How soon will I receive my order?
Our standard production time is 24-72 hours, not including weekends and holidays.  Shipping time is additional to production time.  We have three different shipping options available to you so that you can receive your product when you need them.

What if I need my order faster?
Our standard production time is 24-72 hours, not including weekends and holidays.  If you need your order faster than our standard, please contact David dt@thompsonprintsolutions.com or Steve sw@thompsonprintsolutions.com directly via their email or by phone at (800) 842-0191.

Will Thompson Check Solutions notify me that my order has been received?
Immediately after you place your order, you will be transferred to the order confirmation page.  You will also be sent an order confirmation email as soon as your order is processed online.

Can I cancel an order I placed online?
You can cancel an order that you have placed online by contacting Thompson Check Solutions immediately.

What does “parts” mean?
“Parts” refers to the number of successive copies you will receive. Manual check/deposit parts are printed on 20 lb. Bond paper. Continuous check parts are printed on carbonless paper. Laser checks and deposits use a separate sheet for each part. Standard color order for parts is white, canary, pink, and goldenrod.


Can I use my own company logo?
You can easily add your own company logo to the product you are personalizing.  For best results we accept (jpg) and (png). If you use a PNG image, make sure it is bigger than 300 x 300 pixels. If you use a smaller image, it may not look good when printed. Make sure your file size is smaller than 4 MB. Additionally, we are not responsible for images that are uploaded with poor resolution printing with poor resolution.

Security Information

Is ordering checks online safe?
We know how important security is to our customers. Our site uses Hacker Safe systems along with Secure SSL technology to ensure your information is safeguarded against fraud. We use a secure server for all online transactions. In addition, we have set up security checkpoints in the ordering process, such as verifying your bank routing number, for extra protection.

What security features to prevent fraud are included in my laser voucher checks?
There is a “Real” watermark on the whole document that is visible from the front and back.  This “Real” watermark can’t be copied because it’s created during the paper making process.  The checks have microprinting in the border on the face of the document and endorsement line on the back.  Invisible fluorescent fibers, a brown stain reaction to bleach and a blue stain reaction to solvent also ensure security.  A colored security background is printed on the face of the document and screen-printed on the back of each check is a security that reads “Original Document”.  A warning band appears in the border of the check indicating that the document contains security features.  All of our checks conform to the new American National Standards Institute (ANSI) standards, effective as of January 1, 2001.

How does Thompson Check Solutions prevent fraud on new orders?
We also use your bank routing number and account number to verify the actual existence of the account. Credit cards go through an Address Verification Services to verify the name and address on the card. Our system also checks for combinations of common elements of fraudulent orders: changes in the ship to address on reorders; different ship to, imprint and billing information; and deliveries to Post Office boxes and other non-physical addresses.

Imprint Information

What customization is allowed for my check?
You are allowed to choose different fonts, add an image/logo, choose your check color and input your specific information onto your check.

Will the colors of my checks match colors on my screen?
The colors will closely match.  The colors you see on your screen will vary some from the colors of your check due to monitor and browser settings.

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