Save time, avoid a mess and get a professional looking stamp. Wether you are a business, family or individual we provide an easy way for you to get the personalized stamp you need simply and cost effectively.

Self-inking Stamp Specifications

Ideal 50
Max Number of Lines: 3
Size: .55”x1.50”, 14x38mm
Ink Color Options: Red, Green and Black

Ideal 100
Max Number of Lines: 4
Size:0.87″x2.36″, 22×60 mm
Color: Red, Green and Black

Ideal 200
Max Number of Lines: 6
Size:1.06″x2.76″, 27×70 mm
Colors: Red, Green, Blue and Black

Ideal 300
Max Number of Lines: 8
Size:1.57″x3.54″, 40×90 mm
Colors: Red, Green and Black


Purpose: Multi-Line Stamp, Correction Stamp, Long Message, Routing Stamp, Large and Short Message, Business Address w/ Logo

Customize Your Self-inking Stamp

Click on the deposit ticket below that matches your business needs. Once you click on the stamp that suits you, you will have the opportunity to customize it.

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